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  • Listening to: Coldplay - Yellow
  • Reading: Free Comics
  • Watching: THE AVENGERS!!!!
  • Playing: maybe some RE5?
  • Eating: pizza, a mc d's apple pie
  • Drinking: decaf coffee and water
well I should say ache, but.... had a wonderful day today!

Thank you all who stopped by, got a sketch, bought a comic and picked up a copy of our FCBD book FOR HIRE, we couldn't be happier! FCBD is a day we have looked forward to for the last 4 years, a lot of that we owe to Adam and Andy of Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy. They gave us a chance and we've been happy and honored to be a part of FCBD at their shop. We sold our books at discount price, gave away free sketches and got to meet a lot of really cool and wonderful people.

I'll be posting up pictures tomorrow but for now I'm happy, exhausted, elated and just *sigh* :)
I'm nursing a decaf coffee and nibbling on pizza but the mind and body are ready for bed. It's been a good long day!
Got to see Avengers after FCBD, it was great and I want to see it again. Oh and tonight was the Super Moon, gorgeous and
very very bright!

Oh until I get my pics up here is a link to a fantastic review of Portland's FCBD 2012 by Christian Lipski and photos by Deborah Curtis Lipski:…

Ok gonna go pass out now....
Have some tea, read some comics (David Mack's Alchemy), listen to Smashing Pumpkins and enjoy!
G'nite and Happy FCBD/Cinco de Mayo/Children's Day
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May 5, 2012


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