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  • Listening to: Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash
  • Reading: I wish I could be reading x-men & rachel risin
  • Watching: ......Titanic.....don't you judge me
  • Playing: no time for video games doctor jones
  • Eating: dunno yet, it's 6 a.m.
  • Drinking: coffee, water, grape slush, chai tea

STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST 2012 is this weekend! We will be there BUT only as fans and not as a table. If you see us please don't be shy. This is my little break because from now till after the 10th is me at my desk working and I don't think I'll have another break till the 31st of May and then  starting up again that 4th of June.

Here are the links for checking out who is going to be at Stumptown… and what is Stumptown…! it's a lot of fun, great people and I got a few things I can't wait to have signed by the wonderful likes of Stan Sakai and Mike Allred.

So go it's only 7 per day and 12 for the weekend!
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Submitted on
April 27, 2012