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  • Listening to: You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemake
  • Reading: Eeeee I love ARCHIE MARRIES VALERIE so romantic
  • Watching: Wish I could sit and watch Taxi Driver
  • Playing: maybe some RE5?
  • Eating: had teriyaki chicken w/gyoza and pickled cabbage
  • Drinking: decaf mcd coffee and water since I don't have DnD
but he always comes out chibi or too cutesy.
Well there that was my first attempt at him in a long time.
I will have to try again. It's 9:49pm Portland time and I'm alright.
Throat is a bit wonky, nose is stuffy and I'm nursing a decaf coffee.
Oh coffee.... I need you!

The schedule is now a bit more free since FCBD and Stumptown are completed.
Now is my work with So Super Duper Comics, some coloring projects,
a much over do painting and trying to create new chibi along with submitting to
Archie and drawing more manly men. Guess I'll have to study the anatomy of
Captain America..... ^___^ or Thor...

I think I'll have some time to chat or just breathe by Fri/weekend but for now
it's all eyes to the photoshop drawing board, lettering and coloring!
as new work pops up I'll post it up but thanks still for stopping by to hear
my ramblings.... it's very much appreciated.

Have a great evening, eat something, have some tea and sleep well!
*lights a rose candle* Eeeee love candles! Did you know there is one
out there that smells like a teddy bear and now they got new ones that smell
like a football game and cut grass? Oh SCIENCE!

alright alright, g'nite and take care!
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Submitted on
May 9, 2012