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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Do You Realize?? - Flaming Lips
  • Reading: nothin'
  • Watching: nothin'
  • Playing: nothing till after June
  • Eating: just soup please
  • Drinking: tea... lots of tea
It's only the 2nd of May, Wed to be exact and I really thought it was Tue. Um...... even though I got through one deadline for STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST there is a new one for this weekend's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Yup. and after that finishing up coloring then back to sequentials for SO SUPER DUPER #12 and tossing a chibi in there when I get the chance. I swear I've got my sketchbook and my wall full of notes and ideas of things I want to draw and paint. It's insane and yet I could go for another visit to Chicago, hey I got a new little cousin to say hello to!

Sorry I haven't said much, replied to or sent out many emails, when I'm not at my desk I've been nursing a cup of tea and just trying to keep my head from shutting down. Just been having a lot of headaches, dizzy feeling, spacey and just out of it. If it's a cold it's mild but I really can't afford to have it be any worse.

I have lots more to say but it will have to wait till after the 10th but know that I will do my best to write more this week, I just need the time and a functioning brain. Oh and to top it off I have the worst fits of sneezes that really do not help. :) GAH!

This weekend is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and also if you could be a dear and RT/RB/Share it on your wall/DIGG IT this link, "So Super Duper" & "Reignbow & Dee-Va" Trade Collections!… any amount would be much appreciated. In advance, thank you so much!

yeah give me till after the 10th and I should be back to my normal self.... I hope.

have some tea, mochi, miso soup and stay warm (or cool if you are in Chicago.)
g'nite ^___^
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Submitted on
May 2, 2012